Construction Superintendent. Salisbury , Maryland

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The Superintendent reports directly to the General Superintendent of the Firm and works on a peer basis with the Project Manager and other members of the firm as is deemed necessary.

The Superintendent is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and overseeing the daily construction activities at a project site and is held accountable for the following Core Competencies:

Project Schedule and Productivity
Project Quality and Safety
Project Budget and Profitability
Site Management
Client Satisfaction
Personal Development
Corporate and Business Development

  1. Coordinating and scheduling of Trade / Subcontractors; material/equipment deliveries, and the progress of the Project.
  2. Ensuring compliance of work with the contract documents, Trade / Subcontractor Scope of Work, project schedules, and specifications.
  3. Maximizing production, eliminating disruptions, and avoiding downtime.
  4. Comprehending all scopes of work, and aid in dispute resolution.
  5. Track field time, equipment, and materials relative to changes in work.
  6. Implementing and enforcing all pertinent safety and quality control policies and procedures.
  7. Providing input on new and innovative ways to approach the needs of the company.
  8. Aiding in business development and client relations by keeping the Project clean, safe, and organized.
  9. Understanding client needs and achieve an acceptable level of satisfaction.
  10. Knowing the status of the Project and being prepared to answer questions concerning the Project and your role as the Superintendent with confidence.
  11. Identifying mutual goals and objectives for the company at the start and document to create a win – win atmosphere.
  12. Completing activities assigned in a timely manner and within the guidelines and deadlines set.
  13. Maintaining standards of personal appearance fitting for the role of Superintendent.
  14. Providing leadership to subordinates through example.
  15. Studying and presenting standardization ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.
  16. Assisting in ensuring that duties assigned to others are being completed and that these duties are examined for exactness, neatness, and conformance to the company’s policies and procedures.
  17. Assisting in training new employees on the company systems, policies, and procedures.
  18. Overseeing and managing the firms tradesman and laborers assigned to the Project, ensuring manpower is effectively and efficiently utilized.
  19. Ensuring the firms and rental equipment is safely and properly utilized and maintained.
  20. Forecasting the Firm manpower needs.
  21. Working on other projects/duties as assigned.


  1. Project Schedule

a) Working with the Project Manager and Trade / Subcontractors to prepare a detailed master Project Schedule.

b) Monitoring and updating the Project Schedule with the Project Manager and Scheduling Consultant bi-weekly.

c) Developing, preparing, and monitoring the Three Week Look Ahead Schedule.

d) Reviewing and updating work activity reports regarding work activities that should have occurred but did not occur and/or work activities that should have started but did not start.

e) Providing data to the Project Manager for inclusion into monthly Project Status Report.

f) Maintaining the sequence of construction and reporting to the Project Manager changes to the sequence of construction.

g) Identifying problem areas early and developing contingency plans for the successful delivery of the project and schedule.

  1. Meetings / Inspections

a) Participating in the Trade / Subcontractor Pre-Construction Meetings.

b) Participating in the Owner Progress Meetings.

c) Preparing, running, and documenting all weekly Trade / Subcontractor Coordination Meetings.

d) Preparing, running, and documenting all Trade / Subcontractor Preparatory Meetings.

e) Preparing, monitoring, and documenting all Third Party and Jurisdictional Meetings and Inspections.

f) Preparing, running, and documenting all Quality Control Meetings and Inspections.

g) Preparing, running, and documenting all Safety Meetings and Inspections.

  1. Documentation

a) Preparing and maintaining the Material & Equipment Delivery Tracking Log.

b) Preparing and maintaining Daily Reports on a daily basis, including uploading to the company server.

c) Preparing and maintaining timely Project Photographic Records with the assistance of the Assistant Superintendent and / or the Assistant Project Manager.

d) Preparing and maintaining timely Project As-built Records including posting addenda, requests for information, site changes, and clarifications on a minimum weekly basis.

e) Preparing and maintaining documentation of all key issues through field correspondence.

f) Reviewing and preliminarily approving all major Trade / Subcontractor submittal shop drawings.

g) Developing and reviewing with the Project Manager requests for information.

  1. Safety

a) Ensuring the Project and its workers follow company safety and jurisdictional policies.

b) Taking necessary action to immediately correct unsafe conditions.

Issuing notices of safety violations or dismiss any personnel not performing according to safety requirements.


Must be computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. An understanding of scheduling and the ability to supervise multiple disciplines is essential. Minimum of five years construction supervisory experience

Schools / Education K-12 , Higher Ed a plus
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